Monday, February 23, 2009

Spyder Paintball Guns: Power In Paintball

Spyder is a well-known and respected maker of paintball guns. A Spyder paintball gun is sought after by many enthusiasts of the sport because of the engineering that makes it one of the best.

Some of the most popular Spyder paintball guns are the Spyder VS3, the Spyder VS2, the Spyder MR2 Electronic, the Spyder MR1 Semi-Auto, and the Spyder 07' Xtra.

* Spyder VS3

This Spyder paintball gun has features like Break Beam Eyes, electronic functions, a Delran bolt that comes with a lock-cocking knob, a sleek body made of aluminum, a 12-inch two-piece micro-ported barrel, and a low rise feed neck that is adjustable. The Spyder VS3 is one paintball gun that allows for up to 30 shots/second. The Spyder VS3 retails for about $250.

* Spyder VS2

This Spyder paintball gun has the ability to shoot 25 shots/second. It comes with a two-piece micro-ported barrel and operates at 200 to 300 psi. In addition, the Spyder VS2 comes with optional body kits that come in a range of styles. This means you can customize your Spyder VS2 to make it completely unique. This particular Spyder paintball gun costs about $190.

* Spyder MR2 Electronic

This Spyder paintball gun features an anti-double feed ball detent and a 12-inch muzzle brake barrel. The Spyder MR2 Electronic comes with an impressive array of modes for firing -- full-auto, semi-auto and burst. This Spyder paintball gun, then, is among the most powerful paintball guns ever developed by Spyder. This Spyder paintball gun is priced at about $185.

* Spyder MR1 Semi-Auto

This Spyder paintball gun is a semi-auto marker that has a two-finger trigger. This paintball gun by Spyder is one of the more accurate markers available. This Spyder paintball gun has a matte black finish to prevent it from rusting. The Spyder MR1 Semi-Auto starts at $120.

* Spyder 07' Xtra

This Spyder paintball gun is very affordable, retailing for only $90 or so. Just because it's not expensive doesn't mean that it lacks features. This Spyder paintball gun model comes with a low pressure chamber, semi-auto action, TL velocity adjuster and a rear-cocking second-generation venturi bolt. The Spyder 07' Xtra is the ideal gun for paintball enthusiasts who are not able to spend money on the more expensive models or those who only occasionally participate in paintball games.

There are many other Spyder paintball guns available. You can find out more about them by going online and doing a search for Spyder paintball guns.

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