Monday, February 16, 2009

Smartest Way To Use A Tell A Friend Script

A tell a friend script is a form on a web page where you can fill in your name and e-mail address and the e-mail address to one or more of your friends. It will then send a message to your friends and tell them you recommend them to take a look at the site were you filled in the form. Since your friends know you, they will most likely go take a look.

A tell a friend script can be a very powerful viral marketing method if you use it the smart way. The first thing you should do is to create an e-book, special report or software that you can give away to your visitors. This product should of course include your own marketing message. You can even let others give away your product for free too.

But now comes the smart part... Before anyone can download your free product they first have to use your tell a friend script and recommend your web site to their friends. You decide how many friends they have to tell before they get your freebie. In the message that goes out to the friends you should mention that they also could download your product for free. Of course they also have to tell their friends first.

If you have a really good product that people can't find anywhere else you should have no problem. People will love to recommend the product to their friends. This works best if the product is unique and valuable. If you have created a product that you intend to sell you might want to consider giving it away for free instead. It will then be a truly unique and valuable product that has the potential to become a powerful viral marketing machine that will generate a lot of traffic to your site.

To install a tell a friend script on a web page is very easy. You just copy and paste a bit of code and you are done. To find a script just go to Google and search for "tell a friend script" and you will find a lot of free scripts. Some more advanced scripts can give you statistics about how many of the people who receive a message from your script that actually visits your site. So before you chose a script it's a good idea to compare a couple of different ones and check which features they have.

So let your visitors do the work for you and let them spread the word about your site. Use the power of viral marketing!

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